Eye Popper Digital focuses on increasing our publisher partners’ overall eCPM through direct sales to brands and agencies and efficient remnant inventory administration. Our goal is to help content creators build and maintain sustainable businesses. We represent thousands of Sports, Lifestyle, News and Entertainment websites. We work with our publisher partners as their very own sales force and advertising operations team. We handle the sales side, so they can focus on creating quality and engaging content to grow their audience even more. We provide our publisher partners with advice on which ad units are performing the best, where and why, without taking away from the user’s experience. We have the experience because we operate and manage our own sites. Every ad solution we offer has been tried and tested on our sites first.

Eye Popper Digital manages your site’s entire ad inventory, leveraging years of expertise and relationships to explode revenues at no out-of-pocket costs. There are no hidden fees for administrative work, on-boarding costs, or server charges. Publishers must deliver a minimum of 500k per month in order for a partnership to be mutually beneficial.

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The value, benefits and services we offer our publisher partners:

  • Instant CPM life ranging from 10-40%
  • Header-Bidding integration
  • Access to 20+ high quality demand sources
  • Proprietary publisher reporting database
  • Brand safe advertisers
  • Integrated malware protection technology
  • Ad technology stack evaluation
  • Incremental revenue opportunities
  • Site monetization for display, native, video, slider and page skin units
  • Fast and prompt payments
  • No minimum monthly commitment
  • Creation of marketing materials
  • Minimum of 500,000 monthly impressions
  • Promotion at industry events/trade shows
  • 18/7 Accessibility
  • Direct sold campaigns with high CPM’s
  • Sales representation
  • Integrated Anti-Malware technology to combat malware and mobile re-directs

Large Selection of Formats

Native Ads

Sticky Ads

Video Ads

Page Skin Ads

Quotes from our Fantastic Partners!

“The Eye Popper Team substantially increased our advertising revenue with both programmatic and direct deals. They communicate well and are easy to work with.”

Jeff Gilbert – Founding Partner – BigTeams

“We’d had enough ‘webmaster welfare’ with AdSense, our RPMs were sub-par, but within the first couple months with Eye Popper Digital we were already well ahead of our revenue goals. The personal communication has been great, and we’ve been extremely happy.”

Cory Wagner – CEO – SportingCharts.com


If you're a publisher, think of us as a passionately motivated extension of your advertising sales program.

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