Our digital media planning and buying team figures out how, when and where to reach consumers while keeping a constant eye on every dollar we spend. Producing a desirable ROI for our clients is in our DNA.

Programmatic Media Buying

Eye Popper Digital provides a no minimum investment level per campaign, with 24/7 account management support. We can access 1st party data (CRM, zip codes, addresses), 2nd party data (data consortium), and 3rd party data (data networks). This gives us the ability to target device & IP, site retarget, keyword & category context, demographic & custom geo, and more.

Programmatic Media Planning

We specialize in CPM and CPC online campaigns as we have access to over 350 exchanges, networks, and publishers. Display, mobile, video, native and social typically are part of our strategies based on our clients’ objectives. Optimizations are made daily to the campaign, as well as supplying reports to the client whenever needed. At the end of the campaign you will receive a post-campaign analysis which includes data insights, suggest and recommendations for future campaigns.

We Run the Following Display Advertising Solutions

  • Takeovers
  • Social Campaigns
  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Pre-Roll Video


We provide our clients competitive pricing through the relationships we have established in the industry.

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