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Overall Health Check & Page Performance Analysis

Our website performance test allows you to check your website’s speed using actual real-time browsers, along with advanced features and suggestions. You will be able to quickly check the load time and speed on Desktop & Mobile. Our report will provide actionable insights to improve upon.

Ad Technology Analysis

Our application identifies the digital ad technology setup on any website. This includes ad servers, demand sources, ad slots, ad sizes, devices, ads.txt files and more. It even goes much further by providing the bid rates, broken out by partners. It helps you uncover the issues that much be holding back revenue on your website.

Incremental Advertising Revenue Opportunities

We evaluate your current ad technology setup to determine all the ways in which your site is generating revenue from advertising. Once we’ve performed the thorough analysis, our application identifies the gaps, areas and ways to improve. This may include adding additional ad units, changing ad sizes, changing the entire setup, adding various demand partners, increasing or decreasing price floors,frequency, cap adjustments and many other impactful recommendations.